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Thankyou for everything that you have done for us. Thankyou for all the help and advice that you gave us in the first few weeks when Mabel was losing weight and was jaundiced. Countless other professionals wanted us to switch to formula feeding and we were receiving lots of contradictory advice however well intentioned but you gave us the confidence with support and a plan to continue breastfeeding. Without you knowledge, support and skills we wold not still be breastfeeding happily eighteen month down the line.


Thankyou so much for all your support, help and advice since our baby came home with us! Really couldn't have go through it all without you.


Steph (March 2023): I contacted Rebecca from Breastfeeding Midlands after suffering from intense pain and very sore nipples during feeding following the birth of my daughter. Rebecca rang me back immediately and came out the next day. She helped me with positioning and latching whilst offering a lot of support and encouragement. she was then always on the end of the phone to make sure things were progressing. Without her help and support there is no doubt I would have given up breast feeding... however 3 months on we are still happily and comfortably feeding. Would highly recommend to anyone struggling with breast feeding.

Pricey (Feb 2022): We struggled with feeding due to jaundice, tongue tie and slow feeding at the start. Rebecca was really supportive and helpful, guiding us through different feeding positions to help with getting a deeper latch. The follow up support was also fantastic and the detailed plan made sure we felt confident in our approach. Sadly, due to our various issues my supply wasn’t enough and we have now moved to formula but my LO had nearly 7 weeks of breast milk and I know it wouldn’t have been anywhere near that without Rebecca’s help.


Danielle (Feb 2023): We had a really rough start with breastfeeding our daughter. After consultation with breastfeeding midlands and continued support everything clicked and she’s gaining weight really quickly.

Helen (Jan 2023): Rebecca was so helpful, reassuring and confident. I had some minor issues but actually gained so much more confidence from a consultation with Rebecca than I expected. I healed from bad technique soon after and learned new positions which gave me freedom to leave the house knowing I could feed more discreetly.

CharleyRebecca at Breastfeeding Midlands has saved our sanity on multiple occasions. Rebecca came to visit me on very short notice (same evening after initial contact through the website) to help with breastfeeding problems I was having with my first newborn son very early on. I saw an instantaneous result from the outset, the session was insightful and practical and both my son and I learnt more in one hour than I had learnt in months of readings books and watching videos. I was very close to giving up breastfeeding before meeting with Rebecca. But I am now 12 weeks strong and it feels very natural. It was the best decision I made and I am so grateful for the help received by Rebecca. The aftercare has also been excellent. Rebecca has responded almost instantly whenever I have asked questions, it's a very personal experience.  I cannot recommend this service enough. Thank you.

Hannah: Rebecca was brilliant, her knowledge is fantastic! I wish we'd booked to see her sooner!  She helped to diagnose our problem (11w old with tongue tie and high pallet causing a shallow latch and pain) and explained it fully so we could then put exercises and the best feeding positions in place to help get better latches! We have gone from very painful latches to ones I can barely feel! 

The support after the consultation is also brilliant. You don't feel left on your own after your time is up. 

I now don't dread feeding my daughter and there is far less pain and tears which, I can't thank her enough for!

Camilla: Thank you to Rebecca who came to see me when my little one was 7 weeks old and I was feeling very stuck and worried about her. A friend had recommended Breastfeeding Midlands to me. Rebecca contacted me really quickly and arranged to visit that week. Rebecca was really helpful, she watched my daughter feeding, showed me things I wasn't aware of with positioning. It also became apparent that she had a tongue tie that wasn't picked up when she was born. I got really useful information on what I could do next regarding the tongue tie and reflux which Rebecca sent to me in a care plan. Rebecca stayed in touch which I found reassuring and supportive, She visited again following the tongue tie division and again provided me with some useful advice and support regarding feeding. She watched my daughter feed carefully, suggested some adjustments to position and we talked about possible other causes of the reflux. I have overall felt this support has been the valuable, more than all of the other professionals I have seen and spoke to about my concerns and would definitely recommend.

Helen: I meant to send this message a year ago, but somehow time passed. I'm messaging to say thank you to Pippa for her time and work with me and my twins last summer. She helped me when my son was struggling and we were using top ups and transformed breastfeeding and parenting for us. We're still feeding at 17 months and it's such a huge part of how we parent twins and manage sleep overnight. It also absolutely saved my sanity in a very isolating, pandemic maternity leave. Thank you so, so much for the difference you made.

Lucy: Really helpful, amazing service. Rebecca came to see me next day and the problem was sorted within the week!

Bethany: Rebecca, I hope you are well! I wanted to say thank you very much, all your help and advice was so useful and we have now settled into a good feeding routine and much easier and happier thanks to your help.

Stacey: I could not recommend Breastfeeding Midlands enough. I enquired online late in the evening, feeling very upset about my baby's weight loss, and I received a call from Rebecca in less than an hour. Rebecca took the time to listen to our whole story, provided very gentle reassurance and arranged to see us the very next morning! Within half an hour of her arrival my son's latch was much improved and he started gaining weight within days. Rebecca followed up regularly over the next few weeks and continued to offer reassurance and useful tips. I am certain that without Rebecca's help, our breastfeeding journey would have been over by now. Thank you so much Rebecca x

Stacey: I was very fortunate to receive excellent support from Rebecca in the early days of breastfeeding my son, who was struggling to gain weight. I'd like to give an update to say that we have finally figured out why he was slow to gain - allergies! Within a few weeks of eliminating certain foods from my diet he started to gain at the expected rate and is now a healthy, thriving baby! He's still completely breastfed at nearly 16 weeks old and there is no way we would have made it so far without Rebecca's excellent advice.

Leanne: We are now on week 24 of exclusive breastfeeding and it has definitely only been possible because of the help we had from Rebecca in weeks 2 and 4. We had a very rocky start to our breastfeeding journey, with extreme nipple damage and pain. We tried all the other support options we could find (which was very tricky in these Covid times) before contacting Breastfeeding Midlands. My only regret is that we didn't contact you sooner. The fact you were able to visit us at home that day was a real turning point for us and immediately put an end to having to express milk for feeds, which was exhausting and hard work. Rebecca's knowledge and confidence in her expertise put us at ease and undid a lot of conflicting information we had been given. She was supportive, kind and gave us clear information. It was also great to get the information summarised in written format too... we were sleep deprived and it was great to have something to refer back to. Thank you so much for being there for us at a very difficult time. I'll be recommending you to any friend who gets pregnant!

Sophie: Yesterday I found difficult as I was very anxious... We’ve just got home and she’s feeding now. I can’t tell you how happy I am that I got in touch with you!

Rosie: Rebecca saved our breastfeeding journey without doubt! When I contacted her we were at our whit's end with excruciating pain feeding due to tongue tie. Rebecca made everything seem much more manageable and spent the time we desperately needed going through all our concerns and questions. Rebecca is so lovely and made me feel so comfortable and supported. We’re now feeding pain free thanks to Rebecca’s support! Thank you.

Victoria: I can’t thank Rebecca enough for all her help and support. I was very anxious to breastfeed my second after being unable to breastfeed my first. My goal was to combination feed and Rebecca was extremely practical and open minded to allow me to achieve this goal. I returned from hospital in a lot of pain and if I had continued down the same path, I am sure it would have been too painful to continue. Having an individualised plan was vital for me to be able to succeed.

Harpal: Fantastic service and genuinely care and want to help! We have been having issues with feeding and I honestly don’t know what i would have done without Rebecca’s support. Our journey has become a pleasure rather than the burden it was becoming and we are ever grateful. One on one interaction when it comes to breastfeeding cannot be beaten, investing in this help is so important. I wish i had done it sooner. Even as a woman who has fed a child before until age 4, a new baby means a new journey. If I have another child I’ll be booking a consultation as soon as baby arrives and then one around the 2 month mark again.

Emma: There is no doubt about it that you saved our breastfeeding journey, it has been a very difficult time but I am so proud to be solely breastfeeding her. Thanks again Rebecca, your professional but friendly support at a really dark time in our lives made such a difference, more than you can possibly know after dealing with so many health professionals that didn't know or care about breastfeeding in the way you did. We will be in touch in the future to arrange a session on weaning/ managing feeding during feeding.

Charlotte: Hi Rebecca, think we're getting the hang of feeding now. Happy to write you a testimonial as you have been so helpful. Henry feeding well and wind and colic much better. Recommended by our NCT Group.

Kerry: The service has been fantastic - had a very quick response and you put me at ease straight away and have helped me to manage better an ongoing problem. Feeling much more confident and positive about continuing to breastfeed for longer now, I wish I had contacted you sooner.

Suzanne: After been seen by so many other Breast-feeding Supporters I was seen by a member of Breastfeeding Midlands. The advice I was given on positioning and attachment was so much more helpful and informative, I was shown how to feed my baby without someone taking over so, that when I was on my own later I knew what to do, they gave me the skills and confidence to feed my baby and for that I am so grateful.

Laura: Thank you for everything that you have done for us. Thank you for all your support and the excellent information that you gave us in the early weeks following Mabel's birth. Breastfeeding was really not going well for us, Mabel had lost weigh, was jaundiced and having difficulty latching. Lots of well intentioned professionals were giving us contradictory advice, the only thing they all agreed on was that we should give formula! Your guidance and support gave us the ability and confidence to continue and the care plan offered information to the paediatricians involved, which they happily followed. We are still breastfeeding eighteen months down the line and are both so grateful.

Kasia: Thank you so much for all your support, help and advice since our baby came home with us! Really could not have got through it all without you.

Katherine: I cannot begin to say what an excellent support Rebecca has been. Very caring and reassuring but also extremely professional. When she says she will help, she does! She also picked up my daughter's tongue tie after seeing so many other professionals who had not.

Riya: A big thank you to you for supporting my mummy with breastfeeding. Mummy felt really comfortable discussing all concerns with you and she learnt a lot! I am also enjoying mummy's milk.

Kath: Everyone needs you. Thank you for making expressing not only easy but fast. Thank you for helping me to get Fred to feed well, your advice and help was a massive support.

value. quality care. convenience.

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