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Our Fees (Please note all clients receive on-going and unlimited remote support) 

We appreciate that it is not always easy for mothers and babies to establish breastfeeding and we know that there may be challenges along the way but we are here to help and support you.

Our Consultations include:

  • A full clinical and breastfeeding assessment

  • Observation of a feed

  • Support with positioning and attachment

  • A full physical and intraoral examination of your baby and weight if required

  • Answering any questions

  • Provision of evidence-based information

  • A full written Consultation Report/Feeding Plan

Initial home or hospital visit - this visit usually takes 90-120 minutes but will depend upon individual requirements. This allows us time to find out what has been happening for your family, talk about what you would like to achieve and allow us to work on this together. At the end of the visit we will agree on a feeding plan to move forward.

£120 per consultation, including on-going remote support.

Follow up visit  (60 minutes /90 minutes /120 minutes)

Subsequent visits offer the opportunity to review how your feeding plan has been working for you both and to discuss any further challenges or questions you may have around 

breastfeeding and a mood review if required.

£60 for 60 minutes, £75 for 90 minutes  and  £90 for 120 minutes, including on-going remote support

Group Sessions

We are happy to provide group sessions to suit the needs of you and your friends. Feel free to contact us and we can discuss what works best for your group.

Price subject to requirements

Tongue-tie Follow up Visit (60 minutes)

Consultation includes:

  • Post frenulotomy wound management

  • Support with positioning and attachment as your baby may need to re-learn to breastfeed

  • Support with any other challenges

£60 per consultation, including on-going remote support.

Additional Services

Antenatal visit (60 -90 minutes)

£80 per consultation

Well Baby/Weaning visit (60 minutes)

£60 per consultations


Package 1 - £240

Package includes 1 antenatal visit at home, 1 initial postnatal consultation and 1 further 60 minute postnatal visit (either at home or in hospital)

Package 2 - £170

Package 2 includes initial consultation and 1 x 60 minute postnatal visit either at home or in hospital

Package 3 - £220

Package 3 includes initial consultation and 2 x 60 minute postnatal visits either at home or in hospital

A payment plan can be arranged consisting of 3 separate payments 50% / 25% / 25% of total cost

Payment is due following receipt of your personalised care plan, or consultation

Follow up calls and text messages are happily answered at no additional charge and remote support remains open to you throughout your breastfeeding journey.

Mileage is charged at 50p per mile for journeys in excess of 10 miles (20 mile return journey)

ON-LINE "FACE to FACE" Consultations

We would always prefer to visit you in person but are aware that there are circumstances where this is not possible. If you have a problem or challenge that requires immediate help or if you live too far away for a visit.

£90 for 1.5 to 2 hour consultation, care plan and follow-up support

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value. quality care. convenience.

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